Some Of The Best Mexican Food In Salem Oregon.

Mexican Food Salem OregonWhen people hear “Mexican cuisine”, they imagine pungent and spicy sauces, but there is a lot more to it. We consider Mexican cuisine to be spicy and exotic. Originally Mexican food – such as tomatoes, beans, corn, chilli peppers, vanilla, avocado, pumpkin, chocolate, papaya and are parts of many national dishes. Probably the most famous Mexican food salem oregon is the tortilla. It is a dry-baked corn pancake made from dough, into which already cooked and very well spiced meat, mostly chicken, with vegetables is served. The tortilla is served as a side dish or instead of bread. The tortillas are also served with spicy Mexican sauces called salsa. If you fold tortillas in half you get tacos, if you make a bag you get burritos and if tortilla is fried, its chimichangas. You wouldn’t even believe how many different types of meat, cheese, sauces and vegetables they can prepare in it.

In Mexico, the most popular types of meat are chicken, turkey and pork. A popular soup cooked in Mexico is “Sopa de lima”, which is a chicken broth flavoured with lemon. The national dish is “mole poblano”, ie boiled turkey with a thick brown sauce of chilli, spices, nuts and hot chocolate.

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Mexicans love good beer. Their beer is called Corona and they drink it flavored with lime juice. In the morning, they enjoy “Café de olla” coffee accented with vanilla, cane sugar and cinnamon. From alcoholic beverages, they love cocktails such as margarita made with tequila, orange liqueur and lemon juice or piña colada prepared with coconut milk, pineapple juice and rum. Tequila and mezcal are also very popular. As for refreshment juices, they drink cola drinks and other lemonades, which are called “rafrescos”.

Have you ever tasted some of the Mexican specialities? Which one do you like the most?